Recessie has an extensive collection of second-hand clothing. Because each aticle is unique, clothing is categorized by type, and that's also the case on this site. When you look for example under 'pants' , you see different types of pants in the category. The picture shows the specific features of the type of pants. Of each type there are several items in shop and with a little luck you can find your size (and the one you prefer, ofcourse).

On this page you can see what types of clothing are currently in shop for sale. 'Hot items' are articles which are very popular or newly added articles in the collection.



price: € 15
80's ladies sweaters, short sleeves

price: € 9,-
show tank tops, men's

price: € 7,50
show tank tops, women's

price: € 6,50
show woolen sweaters & vests

price: € 11,50